Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Shots of the Girls

Well actually this pic was after Sydney's hug it just didn't come out that way on the blog LOL

More Shots of the Girls

Izy has never had ice cream in her life! This was her first time! I must say SHE LOVED IT. THANKS TO DADDY! And of course Lisa for shaming Natalie for not letting her enjoy the Foods that are not Good For Her! LOL She'll never be the same. Ice Cream to Izy is Gogurt!


Isn't she precious! She is the cutest thing. She is just getting to that cute stage and everything is fun and new!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Fun times on Spring Break. Well I waited all day long on Lisa to get laundry done and packed on Saturday and finally at 5:00 pm we took off for Austin. Mind you it was a 7 hour drive. When she arrived we had to load my stuff and Ace's car seat. We had that Tahoe packed to the max! Middle seats: Sydney in her car seat, Ace in his car seat, Baylee in seat belt; Back seat: one seat down to hold all our belongings, and Hannah in seat belt and we're off.

Ace panting wondering what the heck is going on. Here I am in a car with a bunch of kids and two crazy women. What have I got myself into? This kid next to me is saying, "Lay down and watch Chi chi hua hua movie Ace. What the heck is a chi chi hua hua, I'm not watching some dog called a Chi chi hua hua, I am a Bichon Frise and I am a high maintenance dog I should be the star of a movie! Get me the heck out of this back seat with these kids Mama! Maybe if I wiggle and pant long enough she will let me up there in her lap.

Uh oh, here she comes with the cheese and that Benedryl. If she thinks I am going to calm down and go to sleep she has another thought coming. I will stay awake forever. She's not going to get out of my sight and leave me with all this! When are we going to get where we are going?

First stop is Sherman, everyone has got to go to the bathroom including me! Where are we? I smell Food! Oh good she is taking me in Braum's and I will get to eat! Let me be a good boy and I will go to the bathroom before I go in. Oh no what's this? She is putting me back in my car seat and leaving me in the car! What the heck, I am better than those kids! I have been quiet and good, maybe I did a little panting but what the heck! Does she think that sun roof is going to give me enough air? There she goes looking back at me, can I look any sadder to make her take me with her? No, she is going in with that woman and those 3 kids. Maybe she will bring me an ice cream cone. Yippee! Ok here I sit who are all these people driving through here? I am sooo hungry that food smells delicious! OK here she comes with a doggie bag! BEEF I can't wait. Now here she goes with another pill, what is she trying to do to me knock me out and leave me on the side of the road somewhere? OK I guess I'll take it anyway with that hamburger....What? CHICKEN? You've got to be kidding me? Chicken? They get hamburgers and I get chicken! I guess it's better than nothing.

Where are we going? We are on the road again. Now they want me to watch some other movie. These kids are telling me to lay down and watch the movie don't they know I don't watch TV. How long have we been driving? When are we going to get there? Where are we going? I'm tired of this $100 bed she bought me with this seat belt. It's not near as comfortable as her lap. Mama let me in your lap, I don't like it here right in front of this TV.

Well 2 hours later and we are stopping again. Yea! I get to walk somewhere and smell the ground. I love to smell new things. You never know what you are going to run into! This is fun I like walking around new places, wait what are we doing going back to that Tahoe? Stop I don't want to go in. What this kid is taking me! Oh no my Mama is walking off! They are putting me in this car! Mama they are going to run off with me, where are you going? I have to go where my Mama is, they are not going to get me in there! I'm not getting in that car with those 3 kids and watching the Chi chi hua hua movie again! NO NO NO! Oh good here comes Mama, it's OK, she is going with us. Oh gosh I thought she was gone forever! Here we go again WHERE ARE WE GOING? This is the longest ride I have been on in a long time. They keep saying in just a little while, when is a little while going to be here?

Next stop Austin they say! OK Let's go! Who is in Austin? Where is Austin?

Well we finally get to Austin! It is 1:30 in the morning I am tired and I have to go to the potty. Oh look I get to get off this leash and and and uh oh, there is my human sister, that means we are going to see those grandbabies mama is so crazy about! Oh my gosh! I'll never get my mama's attention. I'll be a lowly nobody! How long are we going to be here?

Well poor Ace has had to take a back seat this week. I got to spend the week with those wonderful grandbabies! I haven't down loaded the pics yet, but I will have them soon.

It was so good to see Izy! Her uncle Travis brought her in to me first thing Sunday morning! He told her he had a surprise for her and it was MIMI! Well seeing as she had a hold of Uncle Travis I don't know that she was quiet ready for MIMI but she came to me. She felt so good. And of course Ace was hopping up and down jealous as all get out. But he loves Izy so it was hard to tell if he was jealous or just happy to see her. I can't believe how much she has grown.

I took her downstairs and showed her what I had brought her! A Bunny rabbit! and squeeze it's hand and watch! HERE COMES PETER COTTON TAIL, HOPPING DOWN THE BUNNY TRAIL, HIPPITY HOPPING, EASTER'S ON IT'S WAY, DAH DAH DAH FOR ALL THE GIRLS AND BOYS, DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH HIPPITY HOPPING EASTER'S ON IT'S WAY! And Peter jumps and flaps his arms, it's a hoot! And she sat right down in the floor and played it over and over and over and over while mom was sleeping in! When Natalie got up I asked her if she heard Izy's new toy and she informed me that it was a MIMI's house toy and would be going home with me! Ha! We'll see about that. As of this posting it seems Peter Rabbit's batteries ran out! Or did someone remove the batteries?????

We had a really good time while we were there. My mom and sister came and stayed a few days. Mom and I tried to teach Natalie, Lisa and my sister how to play hand in foot! That was not a good idea. We played a trial game with open hands and mom, who likes to win at everything, kept playing to win and so Natalie wouldn't be able to play, it was quiet funny because Nat figured out real quick what was going on! After that game we played Uno! That was hysterical. We had a really good time together. Mom really didn't get to hold Sophie much though between me, Lisa, and my sister. Everytime she got her someone would take her away!

Oh my goodness, you talk about sweet. That Sophia is the sweetest baby. And she loves to be held and Momma holds her too. So we really didn't get to spoil her any at all, she was already spoiled! What a little doll! I must say I enjoyed going down to Texas. Didn't get to see the Blue Bonnets though. Didn't get to take any pictures to paint! We traveled at night so it was hard to see. But I did get to go to Jerry's Artarama. It is a fantastic Art Supply store that I shop online with all the time. Loved loved loved going there!

Well I must say we had a very good time and I enjoyed visiting with my grandchildren, daughter, son-in-law, and Travis, Garth's brother. Traveling with Lisa and her children was great! They were the best kids. It was funny though, they never said a word going and coming until we got to Dallas and they wanted to ask a thousand questions, or mom to put a new movie in, Sydney wanted something right now, not in a minute! We got lost once and Thelma (GPS) put us right back on track by recalculating! We only got stopped one time by the highway patrol and when he looked in and saw everyone was strapped in their seats including the dog, he let us go with a warning! YEA! DOG SEATS AND SEAT BELTS, ACE SAVED THE DAY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a few more days to Spring Break

Oh my goodness I have been so busy posting to Doreen everyday I have totally ignored my website.

In just 3 days I will be leaving to go to Austin and see my wonderful grandbabies. Ralph and I went to Tulsa this weekend to see them. And of course I had to get down and dirty and clean Britt's house before I could even sit down! Oh how nice it would be to visit one time and not have to clean, but it does make me feel like I'm still needed!!!! NOT!

We went to eat at Lone Star Steakhouse. That was an experience. It took them 2 hours almost before we were served. Now try keeping a 20 month old and a 4 1/2 month old quiet in that amount of time. Sophie is so funny, she likes to coo and holler. She enjoys hearing herself. Now Ralph who can't hear anything just kept holding his ears when she hollered. Natalie asked him how he couldn't hear us when we tried to talk to him but her hollering was hurting his ears. LOL. It was fun I walked Sophie around and around, she likes to walk. She doesn't like to just sit. We got to know all the servers and customers real well. Everyone had a smile for her as we went around the room. Izy wanted to eat Britt's salad. He asked Nat if she ever told her No. LOL He is such a baby, she was eating all his cheese. After that remark she threw some cheese back at him. She didn't have a clue what she had just done and how perfect it fit in with his remark, but it sure looked like she knew what she was doing. Pretty funny.

I am finally getting over this crud I have had for 2 weeks. Maybe some good ole Texas sun will dry me out. OH OH and I hope that the Blue Bonnets are in bloom. How I love the Blue Bonnets. I am determined to do a painting of the Blue Bonnets some day. I have seen so many that I like, but I want one that I DID.

This should be an interesting trip, Travis drove back with Nat and the two girls. He will be there till Tuesday, Lisa and her three girls and me and Ace are going down to stay, and my mom will be coming on Saturday to stay till Tuesday, which is the day that Travis is leaving. I think there will be 11 or 12 bodies and 3 dogs. I believe Natalie and Garth will have there fill of all of us by the time the week is over. It should make for a good post next week.

I remember when my mom and dad lived overseas and they would come back to the states every summer for 32 days. That would be my family of 5, then Ralph for 32 days. Ralph being an only child from a small family was totally overwhelmed by all of them. LOL But you know the old saying, when you marry, you marry the whole fam damily! It was quiet hairy at times. My mom and Ralph got along like a cat and dog. I believe I walked around on pins and needles the whole time never knowing what one would say to the other. No wonder I would get a migraine at least oncel while everyone was there. Finally mom told me to just leave them alone and they would be just fine. It finally worked after years of hard work. LOL Now they are pretty use to each other.

Well now Garth has transferred to Texas and taken my daughter and grandkids of course, so he will now get to know my whole family, but thank goodness he comes from a family of 5 and he won't be as shell shocked as Ralph was! LOL

More later