Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My first painting for the week of June

I got the picture from The Rookie Painter.  It is one of several I will be working on this week.  I'm trying to be inspired and get back into painting daily.  We'll see how it works since I have two trips coming up in July and August!  LOL

The original is an onion sitting in cellophane

Interesting huh?  After going through so many daily painter's blogs, the thing I have enjoyed most is seeing how they have evolved from the beginning til now.  That is what I am trying to accomplish with these paintings to get better.

Workshop with Qiang Huang

I was so excited that I got to take a workshop from Qiang Huang pronounced Chong Wong. He is an artist from Austin Texas and I have been following him for some time. I always follow these artist so I may one day inspire myself to start painting again. I dib and dabble, but have not seriously painted for sometime.

Anyway, the workshop began on Friday May 27 and ran through Sunday, May 29. Wow I learned so much. It's funny how each artist has there own colors and their own technique ALL a product of workshops and techniques they have developed on their own.

On the first day we had a morning lecture and he did a demonstation of his technique, then we set up our own still lifes and proceeded to use his method and colors. I must say his pallete is not one I have used before so it was a challenge. I am use to more colors and my own mixing. But I tried it. I don't know if I'll stick to his, but it is always fun to try new things.

Here is a photo of his first day demonstration and his set up

After the first day session we took a field trip and visited the home of Jodi Kirberger. Mrs. Kirberger had the Talisman Gallery in Bartlesville for many years. One of the featured artists that she represented was Richard Schmid. Her house was filled with his drawings and paintings that she had purchased throughout the years.

On the second day Qiang set up another still life and did another demonstration:

On the third day he gave a lecture on how to use the internet to sell your paintings and how well it has worked for him.

I was so thankful to have the opportunity to take this class. Not only did I learn some new things I also met some wonderful artist and found that we had common friends as well as some having known my parents and worked with my dad. Small world isn't it. And of course an old friend from high school was in the class, she was only able to attend one day, but it was fun renewing old acquaintances and creating new ones.