Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Magnificent Vision Show at the Philbrook

Sunday before I came home I managed to go by the Philbrook museum and see this show. I have posted some of the paintings that were there for you to enjoy. It was a good showing, not many of the big name artists that you hear about everyday and are familiar with, but gifted artists for sure. If you get the opportunity to see this show, do so. I loved the way the different artists painted the jewelry on their subjects, especially pearls. They were painted like grapes. Highlite, midtone, and shadow. I was fascinated with The highlites in the shimmery fabrics and the softness in the velvets. I wrote down every artist and the painting in the show so I could look them up again. I started posting them for you, then it was taking too much time so you have a teaser! LOL enjoy

Dutch Artist Jan de Bray
A Couple Represented as Ulysses and Penelope, 1668
oil on canvas, 109.9 x 165.1 cm (43 1/4 x 65);
139.7 x 195.6 x 12.7 cm (55 x 77 x 5)
Collection of The Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky

Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke
Portrait of a Woman 1635

Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn
Portrait of a 40 Year Old Woman Marretje Cornelisdr Van Grotewal

Herbert Drouais
Portrait of Scuptor Robert Le Lorraine 1730

William Hogarth
Dudley Woodbridge in his Chambers 1730

No Photo Available

Marie Victoire Lemoine
Portrait of a Young Girl 18th Century

Marie Victoire Lemoine
Portrait of a Lady 1790

Adelaide Labille Guiard
Portrait of Madame Adelaide of France

A closer view

The Philbrook has a nice collection of Thomas Moran's work also and I always love to see them. One thing I like about this museum, you can look as close as you want, Just Don't Touch! So I did! Hope no one does a painting of me with my head up so close to a painting looking like a fool! LOL

Well night all, I'm going to try to get at the easel tomorrow!


suzanneberry said...

thank you so much for sharing your experience at the show and this incredible art sharlette!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I really enjoyed reading about the show and seeing the paintings. Thank you, Sharlette, for the time you spent doing this.